Liqueurs and creams


Our liqueurs are very well-liked by experts. They ally the sweetness and intensity of the fruit. The range of flavors is large: classic fruit (raspberry, Mirabelle plum...), mountain fruit (fir tree bud, chestnut…) or exotic notes (ginger, chocolate, spices… ). 

Fine liqueurs

Our fine liqueurs are top of the range liqueurs (35%vol) and are to be tasted pure.



Tangerine - Ginger – Fir tree bud – William’s pear – Raspberry – Mint – Mirabelle plum – Génépi – Lemon

Milk-based creams

With their smooth and creamy appearance, you will enjoy them very chilly, on an ice cream, as an aperitif, as a digestive or even in a coffee. 



Chocolate with Vanilla of Madagascar – Caramel à la Fleur de Sel – Spéculoos - Pistachio – Mirabelle plum  

Original Liqueurs

Our original liqueurs have a more lively presentation. Enjoy them pure or in a cocktail, with a sparkling wine or in another white wine.  


Chestnut – Poppy – Violet – Spices from Gingerbread – Rose – Geranium – Bergamot orange – Cherries –William’s pear and cognac – Elder Flower- Grapefruit – Triple sec – Amaretto -  Mirabelle plum with Vanilla – Rhubarb


Pur Gold - Williams pear liqueur with gold flakes

Very unique liqueur with gold flakes, to drink straight or in cocktails. 








The Christmas Liqueur

The Christmas liqueur is a liqueur with warm notes of cinnamon and clove, strengthen by spices of Gingerbread and honey.



Our fruit creams are created with the utmost care, from selected fruit. In this way we obtain a powerful aroma while respecting the difference in each fruit. 

Intense and fruity, enjoy our creams pure or in cocktails with wine, or a sparkling wine, or fruit juice… 



Strawberry – Mirabelle plum – Black Currant from Burgundy – Black Cherry – Raspberry – Wild blackberry – Peach – Wild Bilberry