Pear in the bottle

70cl-poire-prisonniereThe most popular bottle is the pear in the bottle. In spring, when the pear is still little, we put it by the neck inside the bottle attached carefully on the pear tree. The pear will develop inside the bottle. 

After careful cleaning, bottles are filled with brandy. With successive filling the pear is totally saturated with brandy. Eventually the bottle is filled with our best William pear brandy. 

Fancy bottles

We also have fancy bottles in the shape of trucks, motorbikes,… This range is often updated in order to offer to resellers new ideas to offer to their customers. 




Fire truck - Motorbike – Truck with a still – Helicopter – Cart





5-cigaresSBCIIt's small glass bottles labelled like cigars, with a screw cap. They have a lot of success to cavists.

Plum Cigar – Old Pear Cigar – Cognac Cigar – Armagnac Cigar – Calvados Cigar – Mirabelle plum Cigar - Whisky Cigar



Our entire range is available in bottle of 3cl for gifts or for collection.