Our brandies are distilled according to the tradition and are very fruity. The aging gives them a fullness that you will enjoy while tasting them. 

The best brandies are selected for an aging in demijohns kept in the attics. They form our “reserve” range.

The classics (William’s pear, Mirabelle plum, Wild Raspberry…) are always popular. Brandies made from wild berries or roots are also interesting and flavored, they allow special tastings and new cocktails. 

Classic brandies and spirits



William’s pear- Mirabelle plum- Wild Raspberry – Kirsch – Plum – Gewurztraminer Marc

Rare brandies and spirits



Apricot – Lovage – Service berry - Beer - Fir tree bud – Black currant – Quince – Wild rose – Our lady’s candle flower – Hop flowers – Strawberry – Gentian – Ginger – Holly berry – Pinot Marc – Bilberry – Wild sloe – Rowan berry – Elder berry 

Our “Réserve” brandies and spirits



William’s pear – Mirabelle plum – Wild raspberry – Kirsch – Plum – Gewürztraminer Marc – Kirsch from Fougerolles – Mirabelle plum from Lorraine