Bitter and aperitifs

Bitter Birabelle ® 


Our Bitter Birabelle ® is artisanal and original. Indeed, it is elaborated from the maceration of gentian and peels of quinquennial. It also unites notes of peels of orange and Mirabelle plum brandy. 

It is a unique product, scented and filled with the taste of Mirabelle plum. You can drink it with a fresh light ale. 

The aperitifs


The “Guignolet-Kirsch” is made up of Morello cherries, red sugary cherries and black cherries. It’s a fruity aperitif and not too sweet. Enjoy it pure and chilly or with an ice cube. 

The Aperitif “Gentiane à Paul ®” is the result of a well-balanced blending between our Gentian brandy and an infusion of roots. Little sugary, it is very popular for its light bitterness. Enjoy it chilly, on an ice cream with a quarter of lemon or in a cocktail with a tonic.



blueroy50cl--verre Anisette100cl


Pastis Bleu « Blue Roy ® » is the result of a traditional and artisanal fabrication and is very original because of its blue color. You can drink it with some water or associated with different ingredients in order to create a surprising cocktail for its flavor but also for its color. 




Anisette LEHAIM is a true white kosher anisette made from anise. Enjoy it pure or with water.